beer_mailWho doesn’t love receiving beer in the mail? Not us ! (Is that a double negative?) Anyway, we like it which is why we decided to set up our BeerMail TM  group.

What is Beer Mail  ?

It’s simple really you just send beers to another person in the group via mail. You send beers to one person and another person sends them to you,  sorta like a Secret Santa, but it’s not a secret and there is no Santa.

How does it work?

First you register to be in the group, then it works like this:

  1. The first person sends to the second person
  2. The second person sends to the third person
  3. The third person sends to the fourth person
  4. The last person sends to the first person

Each month we mix up the group so you are not always sending to the same person, or receiving beers from the same person.


We run our BeerMail TM program once a month, so each person receives beer and sends beer at the same time. You send your beer to one person and while your beers are going to his/her place, their beers are on there way to your place. It all happens in one week, so you don’t have to wait to get your beers.

How Much ?

Each BeerMail TM package should contain beers to the value of $20-$25 plus postage. Your package can contain one beer or several, just make them good ones, ones that you would like to drink yourself, or you know the other person you are sending to likes.


Q: What sort of beers shouldn’t I send?
A: What ever you think the next person would like to drink, but warning if you send O’Briens you are instantly banned (unless the person you are sending it to is a-silly-act) !

Q: Where do I sign up?
A: Right here in your Facebook Group !

Just post a comment and say you want to join in our next BeerMail TM program and we will add you in.