We Love Craft Beer – How we’ve evolved.

In this article, we delve into the evolutionary journey of We Love Craft Beer over a relatively short period, highlighting how we’ve adapted to the dynamic changes within the industry. You can also discover how your business can follow suit and evolve alongside the ever changing Brewscape.

Commencing in 2015, We Love Craft Beer launched as a platform for consumers to gather and share their love of Craft Beer. Quickly growing into one of Australia’s largest Craft Beer communities with over 14,000 members, we engaged with craft beer lovers through various social media channels, curated unique content, provided beer and brewery reviews, merchandise, and organised events.

In a rapidly evolving industry, we found it crucial to adapt and over the past 8 years, as the Craft Beer industry itself evolved, so did we. Transitioning away from the use of the term “Craft Beer,” we embraced inclusivity, shifting the conversation to encompass the broader meaning of the word “beer.” Our focus turned to educating consumers about the exciting new wave of beers.

In 2021, a significant branding overhaul led to the introduction of our ©Beerducation social platforms and educational services. These platforms now serve as the focal point for engaging consumers and continue to elevate awareness and knowledge about beer. Our new ©Beerducation website will launch in early 2024.

So where does that leave We Love Craft Beer? Well, we still love Craft Beer and we love the industry too, and as time went on, we saw an emerging need to support the Craft Beer Industry itself, not just the consumers. That is why we are relaunching We Love Craft Beer with a concentrated effort on providing marketing services and support to the Beer Industry. Drawing upon over 20 years of marketing and business experience, we aim to assist breweries, venues, and related businesses in maintaining and expanding their operations.

So what can you expect from us? Well We Love Craft Beer is committed to providing information and advice around the 4 Ingredients to successful Marketing;

  1. Customer: Understand your customer thoroughly by analysing the data, your demographics, and any industry Insights. If you don’t understand who they are, you can’t target them.
  2. Campaigns: Your campaigns needs to be highly targeted to your demographics. It needs to be structured with clear Call to Actions. Review an update as you go.
  3. Communication: Craft your message making sure it is on brand, at it cuts through the competition. Make sure you connect with them on the channels they use.
  4. Relationships: Your relationship with your customer shouldn’t end at the checkout. You need to nurture the relationship and build it over time making sure you give as much as you take.

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