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With ties to the Tourism Industry for more than 20 years, We Love Craft Beer have plenty of experience in the tourism and beer industry. When you add our marketing skills you, have the perfect combination for your next Beer Tourism project.

South Coast Ale Trail

The South Coast Ale Trail was launched in November 2021 to promote breweries on the South Coast of NSW. The concept was designed and developed by We Love Craft Beer and began as a co-operative marketing campaign with 9 Breweries initially.  At the time there was no funding or support available from tourism or industry bodies so we created a business case and marketing strategy for the trail.

Initial development include a website, and the creation and distribution of 20,000 trail maps across 4 different LGA’s. This was followed by a 2 year branding and awareness strategy to ingrain the South Coast as an area to discover great breweries. Unlike inner city brewery trails, the South Coast Ale Trail stretches over 370kms so it can’t be done in an afternoon. Realising the challenges we created the catch phrase, “It’s a journey, not a destination” and built out a range of tourism experiences, accommodation and attractions as part of the journey for people traveling the trail.

The marketing strategy uses a range of channels including organic social media, EDM’s, Pay Per Click ads and coupled with a powerful publicity platform, the Ale Trail has been featured regularly in many news articles and tourism platforms.

Over the past few years, the Ale Trail has grown to include 23 Breweries which makes it one of the top Ale Trails in Australia with one brewery on average every 16kms.

As well as the breweries, we now work with local producers including Hops Farms and Yeast providers to create unique beers for the South Coast. The trail continues to grow as we extend our marketing to include Beer Festivals, Brewery Tours and other beer related activities.

If you have a Beer Tourism project you would like to talk to about, contact us.

South Coast Ale Trail