Training for Beer Servers

Certified Beer Server

Certified Beer Server Training

We Love Craft Beer provide training and support for companies and employees that want to undertake professional industry training in the beer industry.

Brewery Staff
Brewery Staff

Do you have new staff at your brewery or taproom?  Your beer servers are essential part of your brand experience. Their beer expertise drives sales and helps differentiate you from the competition.

How prepared are your staff to sell the wide range of beer you offer your guests?  Let us train your staff to provide a memorable experience.

Training for Restaurant Staff
Restaurant Staff

Are your wait staff well versed in selling beer? Flavour is at the core of any restaurant, so giving your staff the knowledge and skills to talk about beer flavours and style with your guests will help them sell more beer.  It will also help elevate the beer you sell and create a memorable beer-drinking experiences for your guests, that will set your venue apart from your competition.

Bar Staff
Bar Staff

Do you have new bar staff? How many of them are new to the industry?  A bartender’s beer expertise helps drive sales and differentiates you from the competition. Are they prepared to sell the wide range of beer you offer your guests?  Let us up skill your staff

This course is intended to help prepare people for the Cicerone Beer Server exam.
Great beer service begins with the fundamentals: beer clean glassware, a proper pour, and beer that hasn’t been ruined by improper handling. When properly executed, these elements showcase the beer as the brewer intended. And in today’s beer world, every dialog between server and guest begins with talk of beer styles and flavours. The Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam assesses these skills to recognise those individuals who are best prepared to sell or serve a wide range of beers.
What We Love Craft Beer provides

  • In Person training by Nigel Ayling – Certified Beer Server
  • During this 4-hour training session you will:
    • Learn the difference between taste and flavour
    • Taste different types of malt
    • Smell different types of hops
    • Taste and experience a number of fundamental beer styles
    • Understand the common variations that occur in beer styles
    • Learn how to talk about the flavour of any beer with customers
    • Participate in creating flavour descriptions for some classic beers
    • Understand the fundamentals of good beer service
    • Taste and identify 6 common off flavours in beer
    • Understand the importance of correct glassware and it being “beer clean”
  • Participants will receive the syllabus and resources to help them prepare for the Certified Beer Server exam. Combined with the class, this syllabus will prepare individuals to take the exam and join the ranks of more than 100,000 beer professionals who have achieved this certification.

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