Camel Rock Brewery

On Thursday the 2nd of November I visited the Camel Rock Brewery and Cafe in Wallaga Lake, New South Wales. This brewery is located in the BIG4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park just north of Bermagui. It is situated in the Allawah House which is a 100 year old guest house.

The actual brewery is still in the process of setting up their main brewing equipment and is using a 50 litre pilot brew system to produce beer while they wait for the final parts to set up the rest. While they are waiting for the bigger 1000 litre brew system, which also has three 1000 litre fermentation tanks, to be operational they are developing the beer recipes they intend to use. As their production is limited at the moment they have been supplementing their taps with other craft beers. Their bar has been open for almost seven months.

At the moment they have these beers fermenting; Brown Ale, Black IPA, Smoked Porter and White IPA.

While I was there they were brewing a California Common or Steam Ale.

Coming soon to their brew list will be; an American Pale Ale, Vienna Lager and a Golden Ale.

Their next beers on tap that are their own brews I was able to sample, they were:

  • German Wheat, 5.5% abv, this has a hazy straw colour and a wheaty yeast aroma. It has a nice wheat and banana flavour. Very good and true to the style.
  • Belgian Pale Ale, 5.0% abv, this has a hazy golden appearance and a very subtle fruit hop aroma. It has a mild mild flavour with a gentle fruit bitterness on the finish. Very easy drinking.

Both of the beers were very enjoyable. The venue is great with room inside and a spacious area outside, as well as a wonderful menu in the Cafe and a Kid’s room to keep the children occupied. The Camel Rock Brewery and Cafe should be a great venue to visit when they are fully operational.

I would like to thank Jesse, the assistant brewer, for his hospitality when I visited.