Marketing in the Craft Beer Industry

Marketing in the Craft Beer Industry

Do you own a Brewery or Craft Beer venue? Are you running a Craft Beer Festival or selling products in the industry? What ever you are doing, the Craft Beer Industry is a specialised industry and it requires specialised marketing.

We Love Craft Beer provides a range of marketing services to the Craft Beer industry through our website, social media channels and in conjunction with our own Digital Marketing Agency Solutions 4 Biz.

So no matter what business you are running, or what your needs are, we can help market your business. Below are some of the ways we can help you.

Access to the We Love Craft Beer Network

We can provide you with direct access to over 10,000 Craft Beer Lovers through a range of channels and marketing including

  • Organic and Paid post across social media
  • Mentions by Social Influencer’s
  • Banner Ads on our web site
  • Inclusions in Email Newsletters
  • Involvement in Competitions and Promotions
  • Press releases and content writing
  • Reviews, Blogging and Vlogging

Our Digital Marketing Agency can provide a full range of professional Marketing services including

  • Web development and management
  • Logos and Branding
  • Organic and paid Social media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO  and Google Adwords
  • Content writing (Blogging and Press Releases)
  • Video Production
  • Marketing plans
  • Market research
  • Online Polls and Surveys

We also offer the following specialised services for individual businesses


  • Brewer Direct Program
  • Brewer Reviews
  • Promotional Products and Merchandising
  • Listing on our Find Beer App
  • Distribution and Agency agreements

Craft Beer Venues

  • Promotion of Tap Take overs and special events
  • Promotional Products and Merchandising
  • Listing on our Find Beer App

Craft Beer Retailers

  • Adding to our Member Discount Program
  • Listing on our Find Beer App

Craft Beer Festivals

  • Promotional Products and Merchandising
  • Professional Video production for promotional purposes either before or at the event
  • Incentives to our members to attend (discounts etc)
  • Competitions and promotions in the lead up to the event
  • Tour groups to the event (subject to numbers and lead time)
  • Live Vlogging services at the Festival
  • Sale of tickets through our web site and social media channels

Not every business is big enough to employee their own in house marketing person, and whilst you might know a lot about brewing or running a venue, you are probably not an expert in marketing. Well never fear, we can help you.

Our Business and Marketing consultant can help you with all of your marketing needs, and we can be available as much or as little as you need.

We already work with a number of (non competing) clients in the Craft Beer industry and have loads of experience. So if you are looking to build or grow your business and you need some help with your marketing, contact us today.


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