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We Love Craft Beer – We really do !

We Love Craft Beer’s is the place to go for anything relating to Craft Beer. Our goal is to be the biggest and best online Craft Beer community in Australia.

We provide Craft Beer lovers with access to Information, Brewery Reviews, Beer Reviews, Industry news and Forums. On our web site you can search our database for over 700 Craft Beer Venues around the country, and find Beer Festivals in your area.

We offer Craft Beer Travel and Tours around the country so you can visit our best Breweries and Craft Beer Venues.

Our Membership program offer discounts and special offers to a range of products from businesses in the industry.

Finally, we aim to help inform and educate people about Craft Beer in Australia, in a fun way. We welcome drinkers at all stage of their journey from newbies and closet crafties, all the way through to Beer snobs.

If you want to get involved, or know more, email us.

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