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You have heard about this Craft Beer "fad" and want to check it out. Sadly, your idea of Craft Beer is a Corona with a slice of Lime. You seriously need help some "beerducation" about Craft Beer, but don't know where to start. You do now, join us !

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You have tasted what "real beer" tastes like and you can't go back to the Dark Side. Your mates dis on you for drinking "that fancy stuff" like Coopers but you want more. You are ready to take it to the next level and start sniffing your beer !

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You are already a Craft Beer Snob and proud of it. You know the difference between a Pale Ale and an IPA and you post pictures of your beers on Instagram and you have an Untapped account. Welcome, you are amongst friends

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Try new beers, make new friends (with beer nerds) and take your pants off, because you are among friends

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Looking for somewhere to get a great beer on tap? Check out our list of craft venues

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There are bottle shops and there are bottle shops ! Find out where the best ones are in your area

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You can't get enough can you. Read, talk, eat, sleep BEER ! You can do it all here !

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22/09/2017 No Comments

Black Duck Brewery

On Friday the 22nd of September I visited the Black Duck Brewery and Bar in Port Macquarie. This brewery has been in operation for five years and is using English brewing equipment that was originally used in Ballarat at the Sovereign Brewery in the early 1980’s. The equipment was purchased and then stored for 20 […]

22/09/2017 No Comments

Moorebeer Brewing Co

On Friday the 22nd of September I visited the Moorebeer Brewing Co. in the industrial area of Port Macquarie. This is a very new brewery and taproom that has only been open now for eight weeks. They have a great venue and have live music every Friday as well as food trucks to supply a […]

21/09/2017 No Comments

New England Brewing Co

On Thursday the 21st of September, I visited the New England Brewing Co. in the small town of Uralla in New South Wales. This is a small town found in the New England Region inland from Coffs Harbour and only 90km from Tamworth. The brown brick fa├žade that faces the main street, hides the large […]

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