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You have heard about this Craft Beer "fad" and want to check it out. Sadly, your idea of Craft Beer is a Corona with a slice of Lime. You seriously need help some "beerducation" about Craft Beer, but don't know where to start. You do now, join us !

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You have tasted what "real beer" tastes like and you can't go back to the Dark Side. Your mates dis on you for drinking "that fancy stuff" like Coopers but you want more. You are ready to take it to the next level and start sniffing your beer !

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You are already a Craft Beer Snob and proud of it. You know the difference between a Pale Ale and an IPA and you post pictures of your beers on Instagram and you have an Untapped account. Welcome, you are amongst friends

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Try new beers, make new friends (with beer nerds) and take your pants off, because you are among friends

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Looking for somewhere to get a great beer on tap? Check out our list of craft venues

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There are bottle shops and there are bottle shops ! Find out where the best ones are in your area

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You can't get enough can you. Read, talk, eat, sleep BEER ! You can do it all here !

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13/11/2017 No Comments

Hawkers Beer

On Monday the 13th of November I visited Hawkers Brewery in Reservoir, Victoria. This brewery was started by Mazen Hajjar less than three years ago. When he opened he had four employees and produced 6000 litres of beer a year, he now employs 33 people and produces 3.5 million litres of beer each year. They […]

11/11/2017 No Comments

Uitgang Bar

On Saturday the 11th of November I visited The Uitgang Bar in Richmond, Victoria. This bar was started in April by Dave and Fraser. Who had become friends through the beer industry. They opened the bar to provide a venue to showcase the beers of Exit Brewing, which is run by Fraser and Grum. As […]

11/11/2017 No Comments

Two Birds Brewing

  On Saturday the 11th of November I visited Two Birds Brewing in Spotswood, Victoria. This brewery started by contract brewing six years ago. It is Australia‚Äôs first female owned brewery. The present premises for the brewery were opened three years ago. It is a wonderful venue with the brewery in the back area, this […]

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